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WELCOME to my world.
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WELCOME to my world.


there we go again….

me waiting for the new naruto chapter


Anónimo Asked:
Please don't post art without source. WE HEART IT is not source.

My answer:

I know it’s not a source, but since posting there does not come with the source included


Once word spreads that Sasuke is nice while drunk everyone tries to get him shitfaced on a regular basis.


i’m so sorry

"At least he’s alive."

All Naruto fandom after seeing Sasuke’s new outfit.  (via sakuura-chanharuno)


naruto is convinced that he’s the only one with a sense of humor on his team

top 9 picturesMinato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki asked by anonymous

happy nalu day  26/7

Erza taught Juvia how to finally get through to Gray-sama.

15. This mine fucking world, ENJOY!!!
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